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20oz Tilano Medium

20oz Tilano Medium

20oz Tilano Medium

  • $49.99

If you have extra Tilano Imaging Paper, or you have a special idea in mind, Tilano Medium is available in bulk. Twenty ounces of Tilano Medium should be enough to transfer 25 to 50 sheets of Tilano Imaging Paper.  This size of Tilano Medium is great for large projects, transfer classes and ongoing creativity.

Your 20oz Tilano Medium - $49.99 includes:


1 20oz container of Tilano Medium

The Tilano transfer process is a completely different way of transferring photos and images to a variety of surfaces. In the Transfer Supplies section you can find everything needed to transfer images without using heat or harsh chemicals. Suggested transfer surfaces: wood, tile, glass, marble, ceramic, glass, metal.
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Fresco Kit

Memory Blocks

Tilano Memory Blocks Kit
Transfer any images you want onto a set of square wooden blocks. Make a matching set of four, or make four unique coasters using whatever images and designs you can imagine.
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Gift Ideas

Great Gift Ideas

Tilano Products are the perfect personalized gift for Christmas.  Do It Yourself Kits allow you to make your own wedding favors, or make a gift for Mother's Day.  Easily transfer pictures to coasters.  Artwork can now be made by creating your own photo tiles.
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Transfer Paper

Transfer Paper

Buy in bulk and save Do you want to transfer an image or your art work onto something? Do you have extra medium from a previous Tilano project? Tilano Imaging Paper is available for online ordering.
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