Tilano Fresco

Hello, I’m Randy Orr...

As the Founder of  Tilano Fresco, I'm very excited to introduce you to our new Lime Plaster and Silhouettes kit. It has been a very unique challenge to put together this new way of creatively expressing one of the oldest art mediums in the World - Lime Plaster.

As a professional decorative artist in Vancouver BC, I have been working exclusively with Lime Plasters since 2006, focusing on Feature Walls, Mantels and Fireplace Surrounds. 

Recently, I moved back to creating my own personal works of Art utilizing left over Lime Plaster from my decorative projects. I started incorporating vinyl stencils (or Silhouettes as I like to call them) and found this combination of Lime Plaster with Silhouettes Stencils work like Magic, creating compelling mosaic works of Art, the possibilities are endless. We like to call them  - True Fresco Wall Tiles.

The focus for our new website is simple,  share creative ideas with you and the materials needed - straight from the ManShed (my Studio). Tilano Fresco.com is full of helpful pictures, videos, instructions to guide and inspire.

& History
Even after all these years of using Lime Plaster I still get a kick out of knowing I’m using the same materials that Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci used centuries ago. BTW, our Lime Plaster comes from the same region and quarry in Italy that the Great Masters used.

Old world techniques, modern applications and an endless flow of ideas are what drive me to keep creating. After all, anyone can buy a reproduction of a masterpiece. But making and creating your own… now that is empowering!

So please join me and others that share a passion for something creatively different!

Be great and create,
Randy Orr
p.s. I welcome your feedback and it would be great to hear from you!