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Where did Tilano Fresco Start - Part I

Art History of  Tilano Fresco Tiles


Where did it start? Well... I can think of two places, (1) way back in Italian Renaissance 15th & 16th Century, where we need to rely on Art History to provide merit to the techniques used. And (2) A funky Art Studio, The Shop in Kitsilano on the West-side of Vancouver back in more recent history.

The Shop(1992 to 1998)

Was the home to 5 artist originally, 2 photographers and 3 artist/partners, one of which was me(Randy Orr). It's create to look back at the early days of The Shop, since none of us had any money, yet we were still able to pull together enough for rent each month to survive another four weeks for fun, frolic and Art!


Inside The Shop 1995

In the News 1995

 Our 1st Fresco

In 1995, We ( Distinct Interiors in Vancouver) were commission by a local Italian restaurant to create a Fresco Wall Tile, copy of a piece from Umbria Italy. Size 3' x 5'


More to come in the days ahead.... Where did Tilano Fresco Start - Part I


The term "Fresco" according to Wikipedia:

Fresco (plural frescos or frescoes) is a technique of mural painting executed upon freshly laid lime plaster. Water is used as the vehicle for the pigment and, with the setting of the plaster, the painting becomes an integral part of the wall. The word fresco (Italian: affresco) is derived from the Italian adjective fresco meaning "fresh". Fresco may thus be contrasted with secco mural painting techniques, on plasters of lime, earth, or gypsum, or applied to supplement painting in fresco. The fresco technique has been employed since antiquity and is closely associated with Italian Renaissance painting.[1][2]



Welcome to 5W's


As the Founder of Tilano Fresco I have decided to start a new BLOG named 5W's. WHAT, WHY, WHEN, HOW & WHOM will be the driving purpose of the blog, with a passion to share fine arts and crafts.

And since I'm starting a new blog I should share a little about me what I am passionate about.


My name is Randy Orr, the founder of Tilano Fresco. I grew up in central Canada, Ottawa, Quebec City, Montreal and Toronto. Being exposed to French culture and big city diversity early on might have been the starting point for a passion Arts & Crafts, although I would not discover this passion until later in life.  It seemed our family moved every 5 years and the lubricant at the time for integrating into new schools was sports. That was my first passion. Going to high school in the 80's also meant you were exposed to a variety of music genres in the largest city in Canada, Toronto. It was an exciting time with a night life to support a variety social gatherings, it was certainlly the tipping point for alternative music in the eighties and fashions.


University away from home was interesting too, with the draw of the West Coast and a different life style from traditional city life. Vancouver is now home for more than 20 years - that sounds long now. But, what a great place to be, Mountains and Ocean, where playing outside is the preferred life style, naturally.

While attending College and University I discovered a new passion, Art and Design. I began to dwell into the how and why things looked a certain way and most importantly felt differently. This curiosity led me to an unplanned carrer in Fine Arts and a career in Restoration for Homes. After a decade of learning and perfecting artisan techniques, I coined the term Decorative Artists, 'We make new homes look old and Old Homes look new.'


My firm Distinct Interiors was established in 1992 amongst 3 Master Artists/Partners. I am the sole proprietor today after 20 years. Most of my projects are custom and short term. This means, there is always plenty of variety  and challenges, this is what I enjoy. As an Artist, I am always learning and enjoy the challenge of creating something from nothing, pretty much by Hand & Trowel.


I have a new passion for Tilano Fresco which I started in a small studio on the West side of Vancouver (old hippie area Kitsalano) 1997. My new passion for Tilano Fresco is derived from the products I use daily since 2006, Lime Plaster and the organic embellishments that a company this crazy fun artistic Medium.


Our goal with this new version of Tilano Fresco 2.0 is simple, to Create… by creating linkages with the past in methods and mediums, creating linkages to the present with art, design and interior trends. The exciting aspects we all share now through social media means we can connect from from anywhere and get to somewhere in the creative artisan world. And that is important to artisans since so much of the work we create is a solo journey,... create linkages to the future of what can be, since the reach of the internet and all of it social aspects allows this more & more frequently. We are always looking at the possibility of what can be, just a little differently!



Welcome to our Blog!

This is the first blog post on this website - this online business to be exact!

Feel free to grab a cup of tea and a cookie, put your feet up and take a look around. You'll find heaps of great content and information about our business, and there's plenty of goodies.

I hope you enjoy and feel free to let us know what you think!